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Here are some samples of my syllabi.  I've included examples of student work in the class to give you some idea of what kinds of  projects and assignments I assign to reinforce conceptual material. Click on the course title links to see the actual syllabus.

MIS 1408 - Project Management in Information Technology

This course provides a comprehensive approach to project management within the context of information technology. The course addresses the culture, principles, and basic techniques of managing technical projects. The course reviews the general stages of a project in rough chronological order and describes how the stages interrelate. Basic tools of project management, such as work breakdown structure, scheduling, contracting, cost analysis, and risk management, are explained and demonstrated.

Here are a couple of examples of  student course portfolios  done by students in the class -- please check out the final project links within their sites to get a real feel for what they learn

MIS 1308 - Business Information Systems

Emphasizes the strategic use of computers, information systems and the internet to increase business competitiveness. Topics include: development and use of management information systems, decision support systems, business processing re-engineering, enterprise resource planning, data warehousing and data mining as well as electronic commerce

Students in this course have to create a simple transaction processing system combined with a management information system.   In preparation for the MIS  that they create, student create an infomediary site that acts as a  linking mechanism between buyers and sellers of some service or product.

Susan Healy 's MIS system site  and her Infomediary site can be viewed to get an idea of what the assignment encompassed.

I use a simulator package called "Little Man" computer that helps students visualize the architecture of a computer in simple terms and helps them in their understanding of a machine cycle.

MIS 1310 - Systems Analysis and Design

A practical study of computer based information system analysis and design techniques and methodologies. Topics include problem solving methods, system investigation tactics, analysis, logical design, system maintenance, system team dynamics, and data collection techniques and procedures.

Among the analysis tools and techniques that students had to learn  -- Data Flow Diagrams was one of the most useful.   Here, Amy Silvis has done one such system data flow.

MIS 1311 - Introduction to E-Commerce

I am teaching this course for the first time in Fall of 2003. I intend to  take the students through the basic framework of  E-commerce.  Topics include: Framing the Opportunity,  Creating a Business Plan, Designing the Customer Interface, Marketing in the new Marketspace,  Implementation, and Metrics.  Case studies will be heavily utilized and I intend to incorporate technology demonstrations to illustrate the necessary infrastructure that needs to be in place.

MIS 1499 -- Internship in MIS 

Several of my students have done internships at local and regional firms.  They have taken part in many technology projects and have had networking, pc installation and general IT responsibilities.  Students have had to create web sites in some cases.  Some sites are very involved and complex.  These internship experiences help students in their quest for a job and are great resume entries.

Don Kemick, Jeremy Callinan and  Ryan Baxter completed a team project at the Zippo Corporation called Zippoclick -- a collectors' club for world famous Zippo lighter collectors.  Amy Silvis worked at Beacon Light  and learned all about the day-to-day IT environment there.  Amy is going on to  graduate study at George Washington University.  Her internship experience and the internship experience of other MIS students is chronicled in this Pitt-Bradford Portraits article

MIS 0103 -- Intro to Business Microcomputing

This is a computer competency course  that  features the Microsoft Office Suite.  The course is basically a skills course that prepares business management students  for the world of computers.  Students learn the basics of MS Word, Excel (heavily emphasized), PowerPoint and Access.  I have recently added some skills training software and online assessment capability to the course in an attempt to help students acquire the skills more quickly.  I was able to incorporate this software so that I can now offer an online section of the course.

CS0208 -- Business Telecommunications

I have to admit, this is my favorite course.  I take the students through the OSI model and into the inner workings of the Internet.  I try to balance the conceptual material with hands-on labs.  The students don't seem to mind that I  make them come in on a Saturday morning to assemble a full network. We now have a  separate lab that we can build up  and tear apart.  Students have a much better appreciation of basic networking concepts and  the laboratory assignments generally do a good job of reinforcing what they learn in class.

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