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I am very interested in the use of the Internet as a tool to promote and influence politics.  Professor Tim Ziaukas and I published an article in the journal First Monday titled:  The Digital Tea Leaves of Election 2000: The Internet and the Future of Presidential Politics.  The article seemed to be very well received in the academic community  and is used as a reference in many college courses. We have begun  our work on the 2004 presidential election and are capturing Presidential candidate web sites on a regular basis. It is still early in the process but we are noting that blogging might play an important role in choosing the next democratic presidential candidate (can you say-- Howard Dean?). 

I also have a keen interest in teaching with technology and  using technology to deliver classes.  I wrote an article that was included in the book: Teaching with Technology, edited by David Brown.  The article  is now somewhat dated as the book came out in 2000.  Three years is an eon in technology time.  Professor Rick Nelson and I presented a paper at DLA 2002  titled:  Delivering Information Technology  Skills Courses Using Interactive Television
The paper is based on the results of our pilot program to deliver technology skills classes using ITV and the Internet. I've posted a short mpeg clip that give you some idea of the learning environment we set up.  I apologize for the poor sound quality of the clip as we used the camera's microphone to record the audio.  We delivered the instructor's video and audio over a compressed video link and use Microsoft's NetMeeting to  push the instructor's desktop to the remote site (Bradford).  We delivered instruction to approximately 140 students using this technology.  I am very proud of our efforts. 

I am a proponent of  electronic portfolios and have used them in my classes as an assessment mechanism as well as a course "connection" mechanism.  I presented a paper at  the International Business School  Computing Association Conference in 2000 on this subject.  Electronic portfolio management software is being developed by a consortium of schools now and I hope to take the source and tailor it to our environment here.


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