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After a  17-year career as a technical manager at IBM, I came to Pitt-Bradford in January 1996 as the director of CTM (that's a TLA -- three letter acronym for Computing, Telecommunications and Media Services; we were known for TLA's at IBM).  I worked in Kingston, New York for most of my IBM career, working on systems software and complex systems projects ranging from mainframe software to Unix.  When I decided to leave, I supervised a department of 33 software programmers.  I have the greatest respect for IBMers, as they are a very dedicated and talented group of professionals.  I made some very special friendships and relationships with the people there. I miss those people but certainly not the grind of the corporate environment. 

My appointment within the business management department occurred in 1999. I thoroughly enjoy teaching the students here and am dedicated to creating a top notch MIS curriculum and program.   Seeing students grow and develop their thought processes and knowledge base is truly a rush for me. My colleagues in business management.  are truly mentors.  I'm proud to be associated with the group of professionals here in CTM Services.  What a knowledgeable, hard-working and service oriented group!

In my free time, I am a sports nut who still loves to play. Ask me about my Final Four trips to New Orleans especially the time when the Pope took time out to take in a game with me and my friends.

I really do enjoy technology and it is my addiction. My wife is very understanding and has the patience of a saint.  I do a lot of work at my wireless laptop at home and I tend to zone out on everyone and everything. This is a major flaw.

I have three great daughters too.  They are growing up so quickly.  Of course, I'm very proud of them. 

Assistant Professor  of Business Management

Coordinator - MIS program


235 Swarts Hall

300 Campus Drive

Bradford, PA 16701


e-mail: l[email protected]

Phone: 814-362-0988

Home: 716-372-6624

AOL IM: oldlitwick